By the grace of the living God, We, all living men, women and children, shall have Holy Peace In our lovely Earth.

This Court of Record assists Pope Francis and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with the dissolution of the United States and the Federal Reserve.

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2015-03-29 Update posted

Live contemplation posted. CERN ordered shutdown. Result: "short circuit". Wanted dead or alive: Prince Charles, Baron Rothschild, PM Netenyahu: Result: rigged Israeli election exposed, genocide stopped. MH370: The lie behind Pacific search explained. UK Parliament: "hung".

2014-12-11 Update posted

The correspondence of this Court of Record since MH-17 is now made available. Significant progressm reflected in the G20 “#shirtfront” failure, the real-time drama of Hagupit, the arrest of the Grey Pope, the drama of history unveiling itself, the high voltage Scottish Referendum, the arrest of The Mafia, etc., is reflected in the Minute Notes released below.

2014-12-11 His Excellency Mr. Bernard Bajolet, DGSE, France. Amicus curiæ & Writ of Mandamus, Snakes of Hagupit.   PDF

2014-11-28 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Minute Notes, Amicus curiæ for Chartered Accountants, G20 Brisbane, #shirtfront Putin, Governor General of Australia, MH17, BIS, Tribunal Constitucional de España, The Synod at the Holy See, Scottish Referendum, Grace.   PDF

2014-10-27 His Holiness Pope Francis & His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. Minute Notes, “indissolubility of marriage”, Encounter with ‘Jesus Christ’, ‘Mater ter Admirabilis’, Schoenstatt.   PDF

2014-10-06 HRH Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg. Minute Notes, Arrest Warrant for Dangerous Idiots, Grey Pope, Appendix I: Record of Minute Notes, Appendix II: Symbolic Language of Ancient Priests.   PDF

2014-08-01 Update posted

2014-07-24 Treason of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Holocaust in Amsterdam, Malaysia Airlines MH-17 and MH-370. Render unto Fakirs, things that are Fakirs seen in manifestation.

2014-07-10 Dissolution of “République française”, Epistemology of Mercy, Identification of French lunatics, Treason at the Holy See, identification of Vatican Overlords.

2014-06-20 Update posted

2014-06-17 Peace in Ukraine, the end of ISIS, dancing on snakes, the Verdimillios Charm reveals things hidden by the dark arts, Holy Peace for one's soul.

2014-05-28 Update posted

2014-05-22 Islam, the religion of Holy Peace
2014-05-10 Investigation into Anglo-French Cult of Power, intimidation of British Cabinet by the Civil Service.
2014-04-09 The challenge from YHVH to Israel

2014-03-27 Manhattan nuke investigation.
2014-03-18 Neo-Fascist 'Green' Tree uprooted (The Greenbaum Speech: DVD/CIA torture/hypnosis/ritual-abuse, Cabalistic mind control).
2014-03-03 Checkmate in Ukraine.

2013-12-11 Update posted

2013-11-26: Al-CIA-duh Communist/Fascist/Islamist revolution in Europe, England, Japan, China, US, Middle East stymied. Biggest gold heist ever, a Daring Act, caught red handed.

Introduction to our Open Letters

These letters are for all people.

If you are an atheist, start with the Open Letter to Professor Richard Dawkins.

Those who are ‘Islamic’, start with the Open Letter to Sheik Ahmed Muhammad Ahmed el-Tayeb, Grand Imam, Al Azhar Mosque-University.

Those who are ‘Jewish’, start with the Open Letter to the Chief Rabbi of London, read about Genesis in the First Book of Moses, explained for Prof. Richard Dawkins and the challenge from YHVH to the State of Israel, a formal Roman Caesar.

‘Russians’ can start with the Open Letter to President Putin.

‘Orthodox Christians’ and those wondering about ‘Financial Crisis’ and ‘Austerity’, start with the Open Letters to Cyprus.

‘Roman Catholics’ should start with the Contemplation for the Cardinals and a Prayer for Pope Francis.

A ‘United States’ ‘citizen’ can start with the Letter Rogatory to the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury.

A ‘United Kingdom’ ‘citizen’ can start with the Letter Rogatory to the British Cabinet.

The world is changing rapidly around you, the formal Caesar run by those who claim to be your ‘representative’, the banks you believe are ‘Too Big To Fail’, the IMF, the BIS, the US, EU and UN are no longer needed and will pass away. We have not reached the end of history.